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07 December, 2011

A local collaboration

I made a new cushion for the lounge room armchair the other day.

It's a collaboration of sorts, but the collaborators (collaborees?) don't know about it until now.

On this side the fabric is designed and screen printed by Susan, purchased from from her at Markit the other weekend.

On the reverse is more of the lovely chalk fabric from Harvest Textiles a while back (which if I remember correctly was a collab with Ink & Spindle).

And if you want to get even more incestuous, I sewed it on the Elna ZZ machine I 'permanently borrowed' from Lara a while back.

A bit matchy-matchy with the recovered footstool, but that's cool with me...

Hooray for locally made/designed/collaborated home wares!

PS - home wares on sale!

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Michelle said...

Hahaha, fabulous!!!