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06 September, 2012


For my 275th post on this blog, I explain why it has taken me so long to get to 275. I could blame the baby, and it is true I don't spend 10% as much time as I once did on the computer during the week because of him.

But the REAL reason is because of micro-blogging platforms. When I started getting into Twitter, I felt like small things that I would have otherwise compiled into a blog post were more suited to that format and easy just to punch-and-send via my phone to the web. THEN INSTAGRAM CAME ALONG. And it has ruined me for blogging. The simple combination of iPhone photo + text then being able to tag & converse with people instantly and easily just makes real blogging for the time-poor seem like a chore. The irony is that this blog is a real record of the things I like, see, want to remember, and much easier to access all posts through archives than Twitter & Instagram. *Sigh* Maybe Blogger just needs to step up and make posting, commenting and reading on smartphones a lot easier. In fact, yes, that is exactly what it needs to do.

So, follow me if you like @tessmccabe on both.

Image: This cushion above from Skinny La Minx in Cape Town, South Africa, is part of a mini lounge-room colour-palette update. Less tomato red & blue, more mustard/apple/black/white. And would you believe I found it via a magazine (Anthology!). How old school.

31 July, 2012

Come along to this!

Shelley Panton is a lovely, lovely lass (and a talented ceramicist) and has been a great supporter of the book - she was the very first retail stockist in fact! Her studio/shop has hosted dinners, soirees, and as of September will host regular 'Meet the Maker' nights where a local artisan is interviewed by Shelley about their work and everyone enjoys wine and nibbles.

I'm honoured to be the first guest in this series, and the evening will be an informal Q & A session where I attempt to sound coherent about how I roll work, the CWC and motherhood into a big ball and keep it moving. (Please, Miles, let me have a good night's sleep the night before!).

Tickets here.

13 July, 2012

A visual learner

Yesterday I was at the NGV Gallery at Fed Square (Miles and I enjoyed a rainy afternoon in town comprising art-viewing, library-going and tea-drinking. Though he had more impromptu naps whilst doing all of that than I.)

In the gift shop (it is an awesome gift shop) I spied this cookbook: Jane Hornby's What to Cook and How to Cook It: Fresh and Easy (I've since discovered this is a second volume, here is the first).

If you spend as much time online as I do, perusing design/food/art related websites and just generally being pummelled with photographic delights on a daily basis (pummelled in a good way), you know the feeling when you see something new. Or a least a bit different. Because while the internet is awesome and an amazing visual eye-candy resource, there's a lot of Samey McSame-Same stuff out there, and trends and themes that permeate even the most creative of creative's work, and that's all fine of course. Life's like that.

The point is, when I see something that I think is visually different and good it really pleases me. This cook book did just that. By no means do I have a large collection of cookbooks, but I definitely prefer the kinds where a photo accompanies the recipe, and I enjoy even more the presence of in-progress photos of the preparation steps. Because what is a cookbook but a manual? I'm always a bit stressed reading a recipe, simultaneously measuring quantities, asking myself whether or not 'it's meant to look like that', and keeping the food prep moving along at the desired pace (Keep stirring! Add slowly! Transfer quickly!). Being a visual person, this style of step-by-step visual instruction helps a lot, even if it's only at a few key points in the recipe. 

What to Cook... has birds-eye view preparation photos, and cute ingredients image 'lists' in the style of Things Organised Neatly (especially helpful for a. quantity direction and b. because both cooks in this household have a habit of forgetting to buy one or more ingredients at the shops.)

Of course, it's a Phaidon title so the design and illustrations throughout are top-notch.

To sum up, I want this book. No, I didn't actually buy it yesterday. It would have been a major impulse purchase considering we went to the gallery/library for a cheap afternoon of entertainment for our now single-income household. But, you know, it's on my list. My visual list!

17 June, 2012

What I've been...

Eating: At Wide Open Road (pea & goats cheese mash on toast - yum!), Queen Margaret for pizza, La Paloma, Carlton Espresso for pasta... (despite a recommendation that I quit eating so many carbs... hmm).There was that awesome vege lentil soup at Artful Dodger. Makes up for it.
Losing: Out on a bid for a dream family home to a deep-pocketed developer who will likely bulldoze and build cheap apartments on the site. Boooo.
Nicknaming: I don't know if I've mentioned before but Patrick and I have a habit of giving our inanimate possessions names. Computers, cars etc. So it's no surprise since we acquired an animate human, he has attracted a plethora of nicknames. For my personal record, here are a selection: Miles (his actual name); Milo; Milos McGillacutty; Maestro; Mandelbaum; Mister; Tippytoe; Tipple Tapple; Grimble Grumble; Little Man; Little Buddy; Sweet Face; Don Draper (as in, 'What's your caper, ...?); and the elegant Monsieur Poopy-Pants.
Looking forward to: Meeting little Ickiewicz in a matter of days (?)... check out Liz's awesome blog and nursery!
Loving: My new shoes (pictured) from American Apparel - on sale!

07 June, 2012

Divided heart, divided time

I first read about Rachel Power's The Divided Heart on Jodi's blog, and it sounded like something to read and ponder while I waited for Miles to make his appearance. Then he did, and I didn't end up finishing the book until weeks later. And then weeks have gone by and I'm only just getting around to sharing my thoughts on it here. Such is the mothering life! Slow-moving, sporadic, fragmented.

Anyhoo, I'm really glad I read this book and would recommend it to any creative mum or mum-to-be.

The book presents in a similar format to Conversations, except that Rachel, a professional writer/author, weaves her questions and her subject's responses into a more organic 'recollected conversation' style rather than the straight 'interview' format of my book (something to aspire to, it's definitely a skill of authorship!).

And in a similar way to my book, a few of the interviewee's responses or 'bits of wisdom' really resonated with me and have been rolling around my head the past few weeks.

Three in particular stand out. One, 'find the zen in housework'. This is kinda a buddhist notion I think - taking even the most mundane task and doing it as well as can be, rather than seeing it as a chore to resent. Fact is, staying home with a baby requires the doing of housework, no matter how much of an equal-partnership you have with your mate. There is more washing for sure, and more 'stuff' to pick up around the house, stuff that has been abandoned wherever is convenient at the time in favour of tending to crying baby, spit-up emergency, etc etc. I like a tidy home, and it can be frustrating at times when a small space becomes cluttered with misplaced things for hours (or days) and the small amount of baby-day-sleep time becomes dedicated to rectifying that. But at those times I've remembered this piece of advice and just got on with it. Zen!

Which leads to the second nugget - when the baby is asleep,use that time to do something for yourself. As in, don't do the housework then. This resonated with me for two reasons, one being that I love nothing more than a cup of tea and magazine time on the couch and definitely don't want to give that up! The second is that entertaining a new baby when they are awake is actually kind of hard. So now I pop him in this little bouncy seat thing or the carrier and he watches me/comes with as I hang out the washing or make breakfast or pick up around the house. It makes it easier for me to talk to him, telling him in detail what I'm doing running-commentary style (god I make up some ridiculous things just to keep talking at him... this kid better turn out to be uber-literate!). Two birds!

And finally, with regard to keeping the creative spark alive when creative alone-time is fragmented, find a creative outlet that is able to be picked up where it was left off - something that can be left and returned to without interruption/clean-up. E.g. because of the materials, painting is difficult, but drawing is easier. This excites me as I want to start dabbling in some more architectural artworks but they will obviously have to use different materials. Collage is a favourite of mine, and if I can carve out some space that is permanent it could work nicely.

Okay then. There you have it. Does that qualify as a mum-blog post? Not sure.

Pics by me from Instagram. Follow me (@tessmccabe)! It's a fun place.

28 May, 2012

What I've been...

Let's try for at least one post per month, shall we? That seems somewhat achievable...

Eating: Gosh, we've done so much more eating out than I thought was going to be possible at this time. Given Patrick's two months of 'paternity leave' plus Miles' generally calm demeanour and portability, we've been out with friends and fam more this month than the last 6 months combined, I think! Highlights include a trip to Healesville to eat at the excellent Innocent Bystander, regular coffees and lunches at Premises, Pepper and Lowlands, indulging my bagel obsession at Woolly Bully, and a family birthday dinner at Mama Baba.

Buying: Some new threads. Considering I basically only bought op-shop garments throughout my pregnancy, I was hanging out for some new clothes and I'm loving the autumnal colour palette of rusty red & orange, golden yellow, muted blue and maroon that is accompanying a lot of the standard grey & black gear this season. Melbourne is going to be bright for a change this Winter.

Celebrating: My first Mother's Day. Even though the actually day was a bit of a downer (bad weather and a rough night's sleep preceding), the sentiment was not lost and my boys bought me a lovely new necklace by Emma Luke from  Stone Glint & Bone (open now at South Melbourne's So:Me Space), and I indulged in some chocolates courtesy of my dad after our traditional Sunday night family dinner. Loving this new holiday added to my calendar...

Learning: About make-up and new and interesting ways to apply it, from Dana at Lady Day. In addition to being hire-able for your formal occasion, she will now come to your home and teach you and your friends make-up tips & tricks! I always feel totally overwhelmed by people at cosmetic counters and too shy to ask silly questions but hanging out at Phoebe's with some other lovely lasses was the perfect environment in which to learn some new skills from an expert. Thanks, Dana!

Images: Emma Luke necklace and the Seed scarf and Gorman tee that I bought myself for Mum's day. Spots and triangles!

15 April, 2012

The week that was

A week ago today I intuitively felt (and hoped!) that we would be meeting our little guy soon, and within hours we did!

This week has been a beautiful sublime adventure... not without physical discomfort (mine) or broken sleep (everyone's), but the three of us have slipped into this new lifestyle more effortlessly than I ever imagined would be possible. Sure, we might just be in a bubble, but look at that face! How could anyone not want to spend as much time with it as possible, at any hour of the day or night?

I can't believe I'm a parent! And that this little creature who I feel I know so well, was a faceless mystery 7 days ago. Hello, Miles.

03 April, 2012

The room...

This past weekend we finally put the finishing touches on lil' McCabe's bedroom, a.k.a. our spare room/my ex-office. While half the room (namely the book case and the wardrobe) remain storage space for our stuff, the other half we've tried to decorate in a way that is not overly cute or kid-like, fairly gender neutral (even though we know we're having a boy), and very budget friendly.

The room is an off-white colour already, and we decided against painting it for a few reasons, the main being that we could not be bothered... Truth is we may only live here for another year or so, and also, painting is annoying.

We didn't buy a lot of new things for the baby. The letters you might recall from their previous lounge room location, and the Jessica Hische drop-cap print I purchased a while ago and seemed fitting for a kid's room! The lampshade was in the room already (originally from Freedom), the cot is Ikea (via Gumtree), and the quilt and sheet I made. The most expensive item in this pic is the cot mattress from Nido Organics. We love our eco-friendly non-toxic mattress so figured bub should have something similar!

Over here is the feeding and changing areas (a.k.a inputs/outputs). A while back I was wondering where I would house my crappy old office desk when the baby came along. It's too crappy to sell, not crappy enough to bin, and too big to fit in any other part of the apartment. But it is a great size for a change table, and I was delighted to find that this smart-looking chest of Ikea drawers fit right underneath. The posters are ones we already had (Dollar Bar is Patrick's old/recently-somewhat-reunited band). The change mat cover I won through State of Green's blog, and the spotty bag at bottom left is one of two waterproof, odour-proof, zip lock bags which will house dirty nappies (instead of a bin)... they're from Planet Wise and are machine washable (saves having to rinse/wash a bin, hurrah!).

The most expensive thing in this pic is the chair, which I found at Grandfather's Axe... but it is definitely something that will fit in with our household decor long after the kid takes his daily meals in it...

These 'vintage' Ikea shelves house various knick knacks that we already had (globe, Yee Haw Industries letter print), plus family photos (including one from Patrick and my first holiday to Melbourne when we were dating in 2004), both our childhood teddy bears, and a couple of toys I picked up on a recent trip to Daylesford.

And just to prove it's not all super-styled interior-bliss, near the bed is the storage area I mentioned (featuring remaining CWC books and various film-related reading material!), but atop it are two paintings I did for my LCAD course in 2010, and a rad pre-loved Tasmanian-made fire engine gifted from the lovely Sarah.

Don't you love a new room with a bit history? Overall, it is fairly Ikea-heavy, and very white, but I'm pleased we managed to only buy one brand-new piece of furniture (the drawers) and decorated with what we already had first (after all, it will be all new to him!)

Now all it needs is a baby!

29 March, 2012

What I've been...

Finishing: These two quilts! One from the fabric stash, and one thinner play-mat style one made from four Muji 'map' handkerchiefs. The back of the map one is also lil' McCabe's bedsheet material, found at an oppy some months ago.
Watching: Jiro Dreams of Sushi. If you've been to Japan you'll appreciate it for it's innate Japan-ness. If you like sushi, you'll want to eat a whole bunch of it after wards. If you like the idea of a simple life dedicated to a niche skill, it's also inspiring in that way!
Eating: Tasty multi-course meals at Collingwood establishment Easy Tiger and Sth Yarra's Mama Baba. Both worth a second visit.
Buying: These cute Melissa moccasin-like flats from Obus. A new-baby present to myself!
Excited about: So many great creative ladies joining the CWC's Circle Database.
Trying to finish: The baby's room so it is photographable. Unfortunately, as much as we've only tried to buy the minimum, there is just so much stuff for a baby and his parents also have a lot of stuff that needs to be housed somewhere. Basically, it is still a bit of a storage room. If I'm still incubating next week, hopefully it will be sorted.

12 March, 2012

What I've been...

Turning: 30, without much fanfare. At eight months pregnant there wasn't any dancing, drinking or super-fine dining, but a fun time was had nonetheless (I am saving up my real party-time credits for later in the year, when I'll truly deserve a great night out). I did get some pretty cool presents though, as illustrated above. Castle pillow cases from Patrick, Etsy money from the in-laws (with which I purchased the above Bookhou scarf), and a rad re-landscaping of the terrarium Sean & Tim gifted me last birthday.
Eating: Nothing out of the ordinary, sorry people-who-want-to-hear-about-crazy-pregnancy-cravings. There was a week or so early on when I thought it was a really great idea to eat a lot of asparagus (and it was), and I have rediscovered my love for an ice cold glass of milk a couple of times a day, but that's about as freaky as it gets.
Seeing: Dollar Bar, Patrick's band, reform and play The Old Bar a few weeks ago. For those of you who might not know, Dollar Bar is the reason Patrick and I met, and while no, I wasn't a groupie back then (I was just their graphic designer at the time), it's pretty cool to see them having fun together on stage again.
Finishing: Craft projects in anticipation of lil' McCabe's arrival, like a quilt and cot sheets.
Reading: Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) by Mindy Kaling, comedian and writer for The Office which came out late last year (and was a birthday present - thanks Dad!). Highly recommended if you liked Tina Fey's Bossypants. This year, can Amy Poehler please write a book of essays?

27 February, 2012

Daylesford score

Yesterday my friend Sean and I went on an antiquing/second-hand-scavenging day trip to Daylesford and I picked up some stellar stuff for lil' McCabe from The Mill Market and the Sunday Market.

If there is one thing that has defined my shopping habits over the last 12-18 months it is that almost all of my personal clothing/accessory-related purchases are second hand. The challenges of being patient and open-minded about what I may or may not come home with from my favourite op/retro/vintage stores, coupled with the thrill of the eventual find (and the frugalistic price tag), oh... it's just so nerdingly exhilarating. Total cost of this loot: $28.

Anyway, here is a sneak peak of one of the other items we've bought (from Grandfather's Axe... a.k.a. furniture heaven) in preparation for the baby... a comfy chair for me to sit in (conveniently upholstered in a fabric that will disguise milk and other baby-related stains).

In conclusion, shopping for babies is FUN. And a great distraction from thinking about the thing that has to happen before  the baby can be around to enjoy them... :{

22 February, 2012

Design upgrade: Ikea bed, version 3.0

We're currently in the phase of pre-parenthood where it is time to realise that a new person will be living with us soon. A very little person, but a person nonetheless! Last weekend was the beginning of turning my home office/the spare room into a baby bedroom, and there was a domino effect on the rest of the apartment layout as well.

But while we're still sorting those areas out to be blog-ready, I thought I'd share a little DIY/upgrade we completed a few weeks ago - recovering our bed upholstery.

A few years ago my old Ikea bed (which I had had since Uni) was in dire need of a makeover. The fake wood laminate covering the chipboard it is made of was slowly peeling off. We also wanted a bed head, as that seemed like a grown-up thing to have. So with some 2x4s and a block of foam, Patrick fashioned a nifty bed head which he attached to the bed frame, and I went about padding and covering the frame in one of my patented displays of quasi-dodgy-upholstery.


The fabric we chose back then was a deep chocolate brown, which we liked at the time, but it became apparent pretty quickly that it showed up a lot of dust. And a while later we got a new white bed spread and some new lamps and then the dark brown just seemed like it needed a change.

An its-now-or-never pre-parenthood decision was made to recover it in a lighter, more textured fabric, and good old Spotlight had exactly what we wanted (on sale, natch). In fact, this fabric is actually curtain fabric, so it is thick, but not so thick that it was hard to maneouver around the frame.

This time around, the work was 50% done, so I just put the new fabric over the old and Patrick took care of the manual labour tasks. It took a day (mainly because of my needing so many preggo bathroom/snack/stretching breaks), but cost a mere $30 in fabric, and now we think it looks like a real grown-up bed. Just the kind that two people who might be solely responsible for a little guy pretty soon might have...


(Lamps are also from Spotlight, if you're wondering...)

10 February, 2012

Handmade brooch & earring sale!

Well, I hinted at it the other week and here it is... the Teahouse Handmade sale - brooches and earrings at the crazy low price of just $15.00 each/pair!

Each of these items was lovingly made by me, at either a Brown Owls craft night or in front of a 30 Rock/Parks & Recreation/Arrested Development DVD marathon - so you know they are imbued with laughter & treats (two awesome things that everyone needs more of in their lives).

And as much as I enjoyed making them, all good ideas must come to an end, and I'm ready to move on from these products. So get them now, because once they're gone, they're gone for good.

AND, I have a few other little items that the first handful of orders will receive as a bonus, so pop on over to the shop!

22 January, 2012

What I've been...

Buying: Baby stuff. My op-shop op-session has served me well and I've been scouting out most of what we need during my regular visits. Such as these wooden toys for 50c each (it's the beginnings of the McCabe Good Time Family Band Solution) and enough burp cloths and swaddles for a tiny football team. We've also been gifted some excellent things by very generous people. I'm looking forward to this whole mums-hand-me-down-kids-stuff-circle that I've been invited into. It sits well with me (the giving, eventually, as well as the currently receiving, of course!)
Bookmarking: Anna Walker. Cute overload!
Enjoying: Hearing Ira Glass talk at the Athanaeum this week. What a rad guy! Funny, humble, nerdy, smart.
Reading: How to have your second child first. Nice to balance out all the 'must-dos' from baby care books with some 'it not the end of the world if you don't'.
Listening to: Wild Flag and new Surfer Blood, as well as Creative Mornings.
Preparing: To have a big Teahouse Handmade online sale... more details next week!
Loving: This quilt (pictured below), by Leslie.

P.S. Bump update: Odd pregnancy side effect #826 - replying to/writing emails in my head, instead of in the usual internet way. Sorry if you're someone who hasn't heard from me in a while...

05 January, 2012

Christmas goodies & a look at the future

Hello, 2012 and happy new year everyone!

I want to share with you some of the rad things I received for/around Christmas time because it was a pretty great year for hand made loveliness.

First of all, goods swapped/purchased from the recent Harvest Xmas Market (which was a totally fun day the Sunday before Christmas)...

Top to bottom: Beci Orpin's 'picture book', Compendium of Me; knitted necklace from Sweet Polka; earrings by Dani M.

And Christmas surprises from fabulous family, top to bottom: Earrings and brooch by And O Design, purchased at the Curious Oyster Shoppe; iPad cover made from an old knitted sweater by Gaye Abandon; and this rad Dakota wallet from Status Anxiety  (bonus, I no longer have to take my Myki card out of my wallet to swipe it on public transport - holla with me if you know how much of an awesome thing this is).

My Christmas/NY break was as expected, but with more regular afternoon naps (especially on those freaky heatwave days last week). I had time to think a lot about 2012 and what I'll be spending my time doing. And I have to be honest here - 2012 is not going to be a year where this blog gets a lot of that time. In fact I'd say we're pretty much on a downhill from now, and I fully expect to 'sign off' indefinitely come March. Even though I spent last year talking about how blogging regularly is really important - and it is - I should have asterisked that with a *but don't stretch yourself too thin trying to administer more than one blog! 

See, the CWC, its events and blog, is going to be my main 'work thing' during this early motherhood gambit. So in the interest of not overcommitting myself (and then being committed), I'm starting to shed other responsibilities in preparation, one of which is unfortunately the upkeep of this blog. Just letting you know. The CWC blog will still be awesome and updated regularly, and I'm looking forward to maintaining it. But I think come April I need to reduce the number of saucepans on the stovetop, at least until my baby proves independent enough to amuse himself quietly for a few hours a day, possibly with his own blog or whatever this iGeneration is so adept at using iDevices for these days...

14 December, 2011

A cruisy, crafty Christmas

Image: Crafty Christmas tree ornaments, gifted from the lovely Shannon (crocheted by hand!) and the Polli girls... thanks ladies!

I'm very much looking forward to Christmas. It's a Melbourne year (as opposed to a Brisbane year), which means pre-Christmas family visits this weekend, and then a relaxed 25th consisting of Dad's traditional lasagne, a post-lunch nap (Christmas day seems to be the only day I consistently take an afternoon nap!) and then an evening movie. Easy peasy.

I plan to spend the last part of this year sewing through my fabric stash, and doing little housey projects that will have no chance in H of ever being done once lil' McCabe arrives on the scene.

Oh, but before all of this, I'll be participating in the Harvest Market this weekend selling the book, so come along and say hi if you're in town. I'll be sharing a table with The Hungry Workshop, and trying not to swap all my day's earnings for other items in the room...

10 December, 2011

Ye olde cakey makin'

I've inadvertendly started collecting vintage bake ware this year.

After reading about the nasties of non-stick/Teflon, I decided to oust my small collection of cake & muffin tins and start again. But of course you can't just go to any old shop and buy old-style metal bake ware anymore... it's ALL non-stick/rubber/other random materials I'm not sure should be heated to high temps around food.

So I've been on the lookout for second hand cake and baking tins, and here's my collection thus far:

There's a lady at the Camberwell Market who sells vintage cookery stuff and that's where I picked up this round spring form pan (hosting a newly-baked Rhubarb Yoghurt Cake, which will be consumed in a matter of hours from now). I always forget that stuff at the Cambo market isn't that cheap, and this one cost about $15 I think.

But I made up for it with these three:

A cake holder (albeit plastic, but it was $1.50 AND it's yellow!); long-sought-after-and-then-found-at-my-local-op-shop mini-muffin/cupcake tray ($3); and a square cake tin ($1).

Next on my to-find list is one of those donut-shaped round cake tins, and a banana bread/lasagne tin.

And I just had to include this pic of my glass lemon juicer. It's such a classic. On deciding I needed one, I walked into the nearest Salvation Army Store and immediately spied it on the glassware shelf, for only a few dollars. Why would you buy anything new these days without checking out your local op shop first?

07 December, 2011

A local collaboration

I made a new cushion for the lounge room armchair the other day.

It's a collaboration of sorts, but the collaborators (collaborees?) don't know about it until now.

On this side the fabric is designed and screen printed by Susan, purchased from from her at Markit the other weekend.

On the reverse is more of the lovely chalk fabric from Harvest Textiles a while back (which if I remember correctly was a collab with Ink & Spindle).

And if you want to get even more incestuous, I sewed it on the Elna ZZ machine I 'permanently borrowed' from Lara a while back.

A bit matchy-matchy with the recovered footstool, but that's cool with me...

Hooray for locally made/designed/collaborated home wares!

PS - home wares on sale!

02 December, 2011

Playing catch-up

November/December is the treadmill season of the year. Running from one place to the next, events back to back, social 'we must catch up before Christmas!' plans, shopping for the big day... it's all fun and fine but it does not leave a lot of time for this blog.

So, a catch-up:

The book is out!

The book I compiled for Creative Women's Circle, Conversations with Creative Women, is out now, and we had an excellent time at the launch last Friday night. It all went off without a hitch, and even though it was a bit of a blur for me I had a great time, met some great new people, and had some lovely feedback after wards. The raffle went off and we sold a stack of books too. In total I think we have sold almost half of the books so far, which is great. See some photos of the night from Harvest Workroom (the venue where we held the launch) right here and also over at the Kish + Co blog here.

Meet Elroy*!

About 12 months ago when we were shopping for our car, Patrick stumbled upon applications for the Victorian Electric Car Trial (an initiative of the Vic Dept of Transport). He entered the 'lottery' and our numbers came up! We are now babysitting an electric car for three months (we have to fill in surveys and travel logs about our experience driving an electric car around Melbourne), and OMG it's like driving a iPhone. Literally, because you have to plug it in to recharge at night.


The bump is thumpin' my abdomen daily which is cute & a little ticklish. Also, he is nocturnal (which means not as much sleep for me any more). Health-wise everything is good. Clothing-wise I haven't bought anything particularly bump-friendly yet, though I had a #win at Savers recently, finding a pair of jeans that I can do up the top button on for just $7. However, according to something I read, lil' thumper is supposed to double in size over the next four weeks. So, by Christmas day, I will be unmovable from the couch and in a muu-muu, and not for the usual too-much-Christmas-lunch reasons.

And in short:
Seeing: The Future, Our Idiot Brother, Burning Man. Three very different films, all recommended!
Attending: Fun launches like Microflora's single and Tae Schmeisser's new jewellery line
Talking: About the book and other such things at The Design Files over here today!

*Yes, we are those people who give our appliances human names. Our other car is Wally and will be foster-parented by our friends during Elroy's stay with us.

17 November, 2011

What I've been...

Doing: Trying to take it easy (lots of sitting around in this chair), sleeping a little bit more, exercising a little bit more, not sweating the small stuff.
Winning: This EcoNino change table mat (but in green) thanks to the lovely folk at State of Green.
Reading: This and this and this.
Forgetting: People's names, things at the supermarket, to hang out the washing I put on earlier in the week...
Eating: Out. As much as possible.
Going to: The movies. As many as possible.
Lamenting: My shrinking wardrobe and expanding to-do-by-Easter-2012 list.
Growing: In case it's not completely obvious by now: a baby. A boy one!